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Patterson's Chardonnay

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The Riverland wine region, in the Lower Murray Zone, is widely considered to produce wines that are a ‘cut above’ in quality. It is here that the wines of Patterson’s are made. Traditional grape picking and production techniques have evolved to the use of high technological and innovative practices with grand and impressive winemaking facilities of world-class quality. Patterson’s sources its wines from a co-operative of independent producers whose wines are made separately in designated single-vineyard batches. Blending from the same palette of parcels in each vintage gives our winemakers unrivalled control over the quality of the blends, as well as assuring consistency from year to year. Australia is renowned for its vibrant, fruit-forward wines. Patterson’s embraces this style, focusing on fruitiness, freshness and balance rather than ripeness and weight. The wines are elegant, well-poised and easy to drink, and are designed for early consumption, though will cellar well for 3-5 years following vintage.

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