María Sanzo de Rodriguez Sanzo - Albariño

María Sanzo de Rodriguez Sanzo - Albariño

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Cold maceration of the grapes into tank at 9ºC for 12 hours. Fermented in stain steel tanks at 16ºC for 30 days to preserve the aromas of the wine. Batonage with it lees for 3 months. In this way the wine gets a greater aromatic strengh and more body.


The vines are 35 years old. The soil is limestone and granitic. The vineyard is around a hill intermixed with an eucalypt forest. The climate is Atlanticcontinental with a great influence of the only a few kilometer far Atlantic ocean.


Nice pale yellow color, aromas of white fruits coming through. This wine is improving in bottles for the next 3 years.


Seafood and fish.

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